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Rick and I have watched God miraculously heal the broken dreams of so many, while filling the rest of us with His consistent love, hope, and strength. Many of you call, write, or tell us, of how the Lord has used this ministry as a source of encouragement in your lives. We strive to answer the Call He has ordained us to accomplish; as we serve those He has allowed us to reach.


Debra Evans


One of America’s most dynamic speakers


Through Debra’s powerful presentation and teaching, you will find healing, restoration, and reconciliation. 

Embrace the power that comes through God’s Word, Love, and His unfailing mercy.


Come and experience the life changing ministry of Debra Evans.

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As little girls we look through the windows of life like a fairy tale. From the time we can remember we play house with our dolls and wait for our prince charming to ride in on his white horse and sweep us off our feet. Too often our prince is a frog, and the realties of life never measure up to the fantasy we had hoped for.  don’t want to presume to know what your situation may or may not be, but I can tell you that there is a God who can and will restore the years life has stolen from you.Don’t live your life boxed in by your past. Give The Lord a chance to show you life outside the box. Let Him show you who He is. More importantly, let Him show you who he thinks you are.


Your Friend,

Debra Evans

About Debra

Rick Evans

Pastor • Teacher
Consultant • Counselor

Through the years Rick Evans has been a featured guest on many national and international platforms including Billy Graham, Promise Keepers, The Harvest Crusades with Greg Laurie, Dennis Agajanian, The Imperials, and 10 years as a featured member of The Franklin Graham Crusade team.

Rick’s valuable experience has enabled him to navigate through denominational lines and bring a clear message of hope to a world lost in the effects of an immoral and declining society. From a cross denominational perspective, he is able to teach the truths in God’s Word to those who are eager to be restored from the devastation life has levied against them.

In addition to Rick’s earned degree in Human Development, he is also the President of his own company – Impact Inc., a church consulting and counseling organization, whose mission it is to reach this generation and the Body of Christ with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Additionally, Rick has dedicated himself to help develop Christ centered leaders with effective ministry skills, tools, and resources, to lead God’s children more effectively in these the last days.

Familiar to the public through his lifetime of work, radio and television, as well as his many personal appearances, Rick continues his quest for excellence through the many avenues in which God has gifted him. As a consultant and counselor he is effective. As a pastor/teacher he is dedicated to see the restoration of God’s children to complete emotional, spiritual, and physical health.


Impact “Consulting” provides Christ-centered consulting for churches and Ministry-based organizations that are striving to reach their goals, and maximize their outreach programs and organizational growth.

Impact “Life Management and Counseling” provides Christ-centered counseling and life coaching for those who are striving to reach their life goals, or who may be struggling with emotional pain. We think and care about the hurting people in our communities.

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